In Your Dreams Bub!

Check out the newest art print in the shop section, showcasing tis tragically epic crossover between everyone's favorite adamantium clawed mutant Wolverine and everyone's favorite bad dream Freddy!

Gnosis is IN!

Intrinsic Nature has released their 14th Experiment! And inside you will find a nice little tidbit from "Focus" entitled "Gnosis". Head on over to Intrinsic Nature to check out all the work!


5thGM has sat down with the people over at Skillshare to develop a course for aspiring and experienced artists! Head on over to and look for Teacher 5thGM to learn how to draw Rocking Vector Characters in Adobe Illustrator!

Sharp Reality

The Photographic and Illustrative Series Sharp Reality, created by the fantastically awesome duo of 5thGM and Naymarie. A collaborative photoillustrative exploration using the beautiful Asia Diamond as a muse. 

The Chase

The Good Old Wolf Juice Ravenous series! Head over to and check out some more of the work created by 5thGMStore/KMAStore coming soon!

Creature Capture

A blast from the past! Taking a look back to 2012, who can remember the cast of the Sarcasm Series? Brush up on your knowledge of 5thGMStore/KMAStore's custom illustrated shirt models over at or at!

New Art Series?

5thGM/KMA has been working around the clock and pulling inspiration from some of our older pieces... should we expect some new art to be gracing us in the near future?

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What's New?

October 28, 2014 Black Panther Revealed

In other news, we have finally been graced with a Black Panther. Can't say I'm mad at this pick at all...

October 21, 2014 Finally A Real Hoverboard!

Just when you got tired of hearing about hoverboards due to the number

October 13, 2014 New York Comic Con 2014

Comic Con!!!! So I was able to attend this year's NYCC and it was defi

October 10, 2014 GIR#12 Alien Isolation

Alright, let's just take a breather for a moment and allow me to get a

October 10, 2014 MIR#11 Transcendence

When this movie first came out and even prior to release, I cared not

October 10, 2014 MIR#10 Edge of Tomorrow

I recently have been making it a point to check more and more sci fi m

K.M.A. Shout Outs!

I gotta say, we did pretty well for this new 5thGMStore, so if you don't like it... there's a good ol' bucket full of "i don't care" waiting for you at the door ;) lol
- Focus,
Dope dope DOPE new site!! Love the direction you're in. New site... good. Cool videos... good. Dope tees... GOOD! Never cease to surprise me, never follow the current, Never Sacrifice Creativity! <3 NayMarie
- Nay Marie,
I really enjoyed the site. Although trying to navigate a website with one good eye after midnight is difficult. Nevertheless, I truly enjoy the direction 5THGM is going! Can't wait to continue to experience this amazing process. Great work! *Random thought* "When did I become crazy??? About 3 months ago I woke up one morning and I was married for pineapple... I loved the pineapple ♥... times got hard... and I got hungry... so somebody had to go..." "It's little things, the miscellaneous things, that spike our interest, enhance our creativity, and separate us from the norm! Let's face it being normal has to suck major donkey balls!!! because everyone is trying to be like EVERYONE!!!"-LYNN G.
- Lynn... the Government knows the rest... ,

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