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Awful Client Criticism

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So while sifting through the massive load of nonsense we call the internet, I stumbled across an article on Demilked that took various client criticism and turned them into posters.

I wouldn't necessarily call them all criticisms, but some are just the outlandish suggestions and requests clients have before a brief and during the development process. I think it's hilarious. Clients quite often come to you with some of the most outlandish things that they want or need done. Sometimes the outlandish pushes you to the limit, other times it makes you question this piece and how it will even help your portfolio at all, and other times, it just makes ou feel for their bad taste in life lol. Oddly enough one of my most recent projects has to do with cover art featuring pigs and 2 of them have to be sexy, but the client couldn't find a sexy pig, but asked for me to possibly make them sexy; however, I was really excited to take on the project just because it can be difficult to present a pig in a sexy light and I mean come on... Ms. Piggy is like the only one holding it down for them and she's pretty much washed up, but I did succeed in doing so and you will see when I post that up later. Yes, for all those who do not know, I am indeed a graphic and web designer so pfffffttttt to you! Check out the posters and let me know your thoughts lol. 

Thank for sharing!